31 Aralık 2012 Pazartesi

Hey there!
Well,I've been absent for a few days,sorry.I couldn't write anything,well it's not like anything important happened too.I've been to school,cram school blah blah blah.Well today is a speacial day,and I wanted to write something too.Firstly,I want to say happy new years.I hope this year can be good to all of us.And as an bookworm,I've been reading the Lux series.I finished the first book this morning and I started the second one today.The first book,Obsidian,was a good book.At least there was something different-not vampires or werewolfs or angels just aliens-which I was grateful for.Can you imagine you move a town you meet someone gorgeous but really a jerk and you are a bookworm.I think Katy's love for books was reaally good and overall she was fine.But Daemon,well can't say I'm in love with him.I dont really love moody,jerk characters no matter how handsome they is.And I think his handsomeness was reaally exaggerated.I'm sick of handsome boy and plain girl.Ugh,why cant the male lead cant be plain too?!Well,right now I'm reading the Onyx so I'm hoping to see him in a better light.Ow,I think I need to go.Well I hope to see you soon-hopefully tomorrow-so please keep up with me :)
                                                                                             See Ya Later!

22 Aralık 2012 Cumartesi

Hey Guyz!
I'm sorry I didnt post anything since the last one.Well,I have a cold and I was reaally tired.How have you been?If you ask me,I have been reaaly free.Yesterday,due to snow there wasn't school and you should've seen me I slept and slept and when I do woke up till the night I reada book named "Unearthly".I think the book was a good one.Well,I'm sick of typical love stories in YA's,so that was a fresh read.It's about a part angel girl who has a mission of saving a boy.Well,of course it has a love triangle but it's a good one.And,the ending was a great one too,there was a "OMG!I didnt see that coming" ending.If you compare this book to  "Hush Hush" or "Halo",this book is reaally a masterpiece.Actually,I need to study but that's not my thing :/ I cant do it!As you see,I'm a bookworm and otaku please recommend me some.See ya soon!!

17 Aralık 2012 Pazartesi

Hey Guyz!Well,I know I'm talking to mysef but if you ever wondering who I am and go back to older posts well here I am!Well,my nickname is Sakura but if you ever wonder if I'm Japanese I'm not but as you can see I reaaaaally love them.I've been dreaming about creating a blog for just myself-as I was blogging with my friends 'till now-I hope there will be followers.I want to introduce myself;Well,I'm almost 18 years old,senior in high school.I love books,movies;but I love anime and mangas all the more.Well,I've been an otaku for over 2 years.I want to treat this blog as my diary so please keep up with me!See ya soon!!! (>_<)