22 Aralık 2012 Cumartesi

Hey Guyz!
I'm sorry I didnt post anything since the last one.Well,I have a cold and I was reaally tired.How have you been?If you ask me,I have been reaaly free.Yesterday,due to snow there wasn't school and you should've seen me I slept and slept and when I do woke up till the night I reada book named "Unearthly".I think the book was a good one.Well,I'm sick of typical love stories in YA's,so that was a fresh read.It's about a part angel girl who has a mission of saving a boy.Well,of course it has a love triangle but it's a good one.And,the ending was a great one too,there was a "OMG!I didnt see that coming" ending.If you compare this book to  "Hush Hush" or "Halo",this book is reaally a masterpiece.Actually,I need to study but that's not my thing :/ I cant do it!As you see,I'm a bookworm and otaku please recommend me some.See ya soon!!

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